Cerro Castor, snow and fire

Very close to the end of the world , 26 km from Ushuaia, Cerro Castor surprises you with a modern and very complete ski center. It is characterized by its last generation means, its almost eternal snow and its very long seasons; one of the largest in South America. It has ideal geographic and climatic conditions, and powder snow due to its constant temperatures.

It has 29 tracks that descend on a slope that starts at 1057 meters above sea level, off-piste areas and circuits between the lenga forests , which can also be covered with snowshoes.

Among the services offered we can list the 7 restaurants with a radiant panoramic view , accommodation, photography service and first aid room.

With a special area for beginners and the ski school, both experts and inexperienced alike will be able to experience the adrenaline of winter sports in Tierra del Fuego .

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