Located just 13km from Esquel, Chubut province, this ski center stands out for its accessibility , safety and family atmosphere. With 30 slopes and 11 lifts, it is the ideal center to learn to walk as it has an extensive trail for beginners, little concentration of people on the chair lifts and it is very safe.

The orientation of the hill towards the south and its appearance of a hole favor the conditions for the acclaimed powder snow to form and to be preserved in quality and quantity until the beginning of October, ideal for those who prefer to ski without clothing. The fascinating 4-hectare Snowpark , with its strategic assembly of different modules, becomes a must for all freestyle fans.

As for the classic services offered by the centers (school, rental and accommodation; in this case a hostel), it is worth highlighting the Club Andino Esquel and the Club Slalom , organizers and promoters of competitions and tournaments.

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