Located in the Malacahuello-Nalcas National Reserve , 90 minutes from Temuco and on the slope of the Lonquimay Volcano , Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort is presented as the newest ski resort in Chile. Immersed in an impressive Araucaria forest, it offers a unique natural setting.

The center has 1800 hectares of skiable surface and has 26 slopes . Its climate is icy due to the altitude in which it is located, and the snowfalls are copious until October. It receives more than 7 meters of snow per year. The services included are school, rental and repair of ski and snowboard equipment, snow garden and nursery. In addition to the center, a luxurious hotel is located in the middle of the fascinating forest, at the foot of the Volcano. The exclusive Valle Corralco Hotel & Spa with its 54 rooms, promises a comfortable, relaxed stay with the most attentive service from its collaborators.

The southern experience reaches perfection when you realize the magic of being skiing in a place surrounded by forests , at the foot of a majestic volcano , and you know that afterwards you are going to enjoy a zen moment in this great hotel.

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