Located 180 km from Mendoza, along the majestic High Mountain Road and a few kilometers from Aconcagua, Penitentes is a fascinating option to visit during the day or stay at any of its facilities. With more than 300 hectares of skiable surface, excellent snow, 25 tracks of different levels of difficulty and a tempting freeride for the daring, this ski center becomes a great proposal, both for families and for groups of friends.

Among the benefits you can mention the arrival of public transport, the affordable prices in the accommodation and the proximity of these to the slopes. The modalities include Nordic, Alpine, competition and extreme skiing. Several of its tracks are scenarios of different competencies.

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Featured hotels

Edificio Portezuelo

Ruta 7 s/n. Los Penitentes

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Hotel Ayelén

Ruta 7 s/n. Los Penitentes

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Refugio Cruz de Caña

Ruta 7 s/n. Los Penitentes

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Edificio Juncal

Ruta 7 s/n. Los Penitentes

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