Penitentes is a ski center which, just 180 km. Of the city of Mendoza, offers the opportunity to visit during the day or also to stay in the hotel facilities. With over 300 acres of skiable surface , excellent snow, 25 slopes of varying difficulty levels, ski school, and snow garden, the whole family can enjoy the majestic mountain. In addition, this ski center is ideal to have fun with friends, as the presence of young people willing to live the full sport and night between friends is made.

Among the benefits offered by this place is the assiduous public transportation to the place, the affordable prices of the hotel infrastructure and the easy access of most of the accommodation to the ski slopes, which can be accessed by skiing.

In addition to all the adventure and activity, guests can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the imposing mountain range that frames the center. From there the name of the ski center, since "Penitentes" has its origin in the rock formations that appear a pilgrimage of monks.

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